v1.1 of the Sympheny Web app was released in May 2021, with stacks of new features to further enhance your planning workflows.


What's new in v1.1?

Technology packages

·         Save time by loading predefined sets of technologies into your project with one click.  Create your own technology packages and save them for future use.

Demand profiles generator

·         Easily generate hourly energy demand profiles for different types of buildings, directly in the Sympheny Web app.

Bill Gates's Green Premium

·         See the Green Premium of your optimal solutions, now automatically calculated in your dashboard

Project sharing

·         Send your Sympheny projects to your colleagues, or to any other Sympheny user, with the click of a button.

Expanded dashboards

·         Gain more insight into the cost breakdown of your optimal solutions.

Expanded technology databases

·         Extended and more easily navigable databases of energy conversion and storage technologies.

Organization-specific workflows

·         Need to customize your Sympheny workflow with a tailored module?  Now we can do that.

And more…

·         Define Capacity Costs for your Import/Export Energy Carrier Candidates

·         Specify storage charging and discharging efficiencies

·         Specify up to 3 modes per technology

·         Expanded solar irradiation databases

·         Receive more specific feedback from our validation engine to help you quickly fix your scenario setup in case of failed execution.



Actions to be considered by the user

·         Technologies which were assigned by the user a pre-installed capacity in v1 and want to keep them as pre-installed and force their installation in v1.1 should assigned cost to 0 and radio button to “This technology must be installed in this hubs”.