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Energy demand definition

The Energy Demand is the amount of energy consumed by each energy hub, usually electric and thermal energy consumption. The energy demand is defined by an Energy profile of the demand over a year.

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- Add New Energy Demand: Select the hub from which the demand is requested in the model, the energy carrier that provides the requested demand and name the demand (e.g. heat demand):


- Energy Profile: The energy profile should be given in [kWh] and for every hour of the year from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. Use a XLSX file up to 2 MB. The file should have a single sheet, 2 columns no header and exactly 8760 rows. The first column should contain incrementing integers (from 1 to 8760), the second row should contain decimal values corresponding to the hourly energy demand:


- Select From Our Database: You can find saved energy profiles in the database and use them. To make the profile match to your case, adapt the scaling factor that is calculated as the actual building are divided by the profile’s reference area.

- Select Saved: You can reuse an energy profile you have saved in the past.