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On site resources definition

On-site resources are divided into two sections: Solar resources and Other resources.

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Solar Resources

The solar resource is the amount of solar potential on site.


- Add New Solar Resource: You can select the Energy Carrier representing the incoming solar irradiance, the Hub in which the resource is available and the Available Solar Collector Area [m2]:

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- Energy profile: The solar irradiation profile should be given in [kWh/m2] and for every hour of the year from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. Use a XLSX file up to 2 MB. The file should have a single sheet, 2 columns, no header and exactly 8760 rows. The first column should contain incrementing integers (from 1 to 8760), the second row should contain decimal values corresponding to the hourly energy demand.

- Select From Our Database: You can find saved energy profiles in the database and use them.

- Select Saved: You can reuse an energy profile you have saved in the past.

- Save the profile for future use: You can save the profile you have uploaded to create your personal database.

- Downloading your irradiation profile from PVGIS: Irradiation profiles can be downloaded from webpages like PVGIS (, just make sure that your profile has 8760 hours and that the units are in kWh/m2.




Other Resources

Other Resources are resources than can be found on site, e.g. a water source, groundwater, etc.


- Add New Other Resource: You can select the EC representing the resource that is available on site and limit the total annual energy available on-site [kWh/yr] and the maximum hourly energy available on-site [kWh/h].

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