Sympheny Web app






- Scenarios: Select the scenarios to be executed

- Objective 1: Select one objective of the optimization. If only 1 objective is defined, no pareto points will be available since the optimization won't be multi objective. Minimize Life-Cycle Costs will find the system design with the lower life-cycle costs –which includes Investment, Fuel and O&M Operation Costs. Minimize CO2 emissions will find a system design and operation with the least CO2 emissions

- Objective 2: Select a second objective if a multi objective optimization is desired

- Number of points in Pareto Front: The number of optimal solutions that will be solved per scenario if multi objective optimization is selected. (See image below)



- Execute: Press here to run the optimization. You will receive an email once the optimization is completed. Select Analysis Details in the mail to go to the Results section.

- ATTENTION: If you press Execute again after receiving the Results the downloadable input and output files will disappear.

- ATTENTION: Before pressing Execute the scenario setup has to be reviewed in Setup>Review Setup.


- Stop Execution: Press here to stop the execution of the optimization.